Keeping you informed

Our core values focus-upon offering an expert service of distinct quality, integrity and excellence, through face-to-face advice. However, between meetings, it is also our intention to provide clients with access to information as and when required. Please find below some of our communications:-


Emailed on a Monday, this bulletin provides you with a weekly round-up of key events in global markets and economies, as well as the latest personal finance news.


From our website, you are also able to obtain access to St. James's Place TV (SJP TV), a web streaming service featuring regular video updates from Our fund managers, in-house experts and directors.

The Investor

This is a quarterly, high quality, topical magazine for investment and Pension fund clients of The St. James's Place Partnership. It covers a range of articles including interviews with fund managers and notable clients, topical issues and planning ideas through to investment performance statistics and analysis of the St. James's Place range of investments.

Budget Report and Tax Focus Card

The Budget Report provides you with a comprehensive overview of all the essential facts covering the taxation issues announced in the main budget.

The 8-panel Tax Focus Card contains all the essential tax facts, rates and figures you need, including Income Tax, Pensions, ISA’s, IHT and much more.


From time to time we provide e-newsletters covering different areas of financial planning such as Investments, Inheritance Tax and Pensions. These can include fact sheets highlighting key planning ideas as well as providing an update of the latest news and developments in these areas.

Six monthly phone call

Other than our annual meeting, as a practice, we will contact you bi-annually to see if there are any immediate issues you wish to discuss.

Your call

If your circumstances change in the year; good things like a bonus, a house move, a promotion, a pregnancy or not so good things like a redundancy, ill-health, divorce, whatever.... we’d like to be one of the first people “You Call” upon for professional, financial advice.