Putting Your Financial House In Order - My Records

If you were to die tomorrow, would your loved ones know whom to contact?

The death of a close family member or friend is always a traumatic time for those left behind. It is often made more difficult for those relatives or friends who have been asked to be executors and to deal with the estate, because they often have difficulty in finding key documents and other important information that belonged to the deceased.

Important things like the Will, share certificates, bank account details, life assurance policies all need to be accessible shortly after death.

Clearly, you can make it much easier if your affairs are in good order and your family or friends don’t have to search high and low for documents that they don’t even know exist.

It also means that the heirs will receive their full inheritance that you intended them to receive more quickly than if someone has to search for assets.

My Records

To help you do this we have created "My Records - What I Own and Where It's Kept".

This will enable you to keep track of all your assets and in particular, to let your family know their physical location.

This document is available to all our clients, please contact us to receive one.

My Records
My Records is a detailed collection of your personal affairs and other valuable information.